This project started from selecting an excerpt from the poem by Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons.

I had a hard time selecting only one, since the poem is so abstract and leaves a lot of space to interpret. I started by drawing a mind map, and vaguely know what I have envisioned from a couple of excerpts that I liked. But I ended up changing my mind.

I wanted to find something that can be expressed in a visually beautiful way. Hence the excerpt I have selected below:

“Coffee all coffee and a sample of soup all soup these are the choice of a baker. A white cup means a wedding. A wet cup means a vacation. A strong cup means an especial regulation. A single cup means a capital arrangement between the drawer and the place that is open.”

I liked how literal this excerpt is, and that I already have something in mind that I want to capture. Something cozy and warm, that brings people comfort, and I spend a lot of time in coffee shops doing work, I thought this would be perfect.

I went in to the Nero on commonwealth which is my usual spot, the staff there is kind enough to let me go behind the counter and shoot in close proximity to their working space. I got some cool footage and just started compiling them.

I originally planned to do a stop-motion video about coffee, but it seemed like my footage resembled more elegance, which might not be a good fit with stop-motion. So I edited the video in a more natural, organic way that shows the lively but relaxing feeling you get at a coffee shop.

Here is the final product. After the critique, I think my typography still needs some work. The animation seemed a bit much which takes away from the composition itself. I plan to make more adjustment on the text to make them more understated.