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Final Critique was on May 4th, 2021. the process of putting a presentation together made me reflect on my growth and further improvement from this semester.

I started my presentation by giving the expectations that I had for myself from the end of last semester. I knew my aesthetic was over-the-top and I needed to use to better serve my purpose. And maybe a minimalist approach to design would be more appropriate at times. Lastly, taking detours and allowing mistakes to happen was something I wanted to try. With the goals I had for myself, I started my presentation.


This project is about liminality and transition, the catalyst originates from COVID and how we dealt with the transitioning period in the past year.

I started by reflecting my 2020 and what was meaningful to me during this year. I thought about my solo quarantine and how much I have enjoyed various activities during that time. Making designs, paintings, reading, and going on walks were things that I did to nourish my body and mind. Walking specifically, has helped me tremendously to stay active and keep my mind off things.

During quarantine, I don’t always have a place in mind…

I have always had a thing for the unusual things in life, the ones that are extra, the ones you don’t need but want. When I first started collecting data, I looked around my apartment and found many items that I never threw out for various reasons. Of course, these cute but useless things have one thing in common: they are all kitschy. I would call myself a Kitsch lover, I adore the weird but engmatic aesthetic.

I started my research by drawing a mindmap.

I started this project with the inspiration of my love for old American mafia movies. I looked into four classics: Pulp Fiction, The God Father, Scarface, and Good Fellas. I was fascinated with the old blurry cinematography and rich dark color palette.

Being an artist makes me passionate, and being a designer makes me proud.

My journey to the arts started when I was a child, stealing my mother’s lipstick and high heels in my search for feminine beauty. I stood apart from everyone else in my stubborn insistence that beauty be a part of everything I did; therefore, it seemed natural to explore a hobby that allowed me to learn more about beauty — fine arts.


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